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Lets talk Longevity, How to make your business a brand?

Everyday someone somewhere is starting a business. Especially in the field of fashion. Everyone either wants to be a designer or own the next lavish boutique. The American dream is truly attainable to anyone who puts their mind to it and is willing to put in the effort. Starting a business surprisingly is not that difficult. Making your business stay sustainable through the on going recessions is what can be challenging. Actually it is much easier than you think.

This is why you need to think on a bigger scale when it comes to your business. Having a business is great, whether you are local or plan to make a global outreach. Having a local business requires you giving your community an excellent source of service, be it a restaurant or salon. However if you want to reach more than just your local community and have a worldwide presence, then you have got to think of what it means to be a brand.

A brand falls under the category of a business, but branding is on a whole different level. When you think about all of the companies that have been around for decades; what do they all consist of? They have a cohesion of features with the merchandise, packaging, and overall presence of the company. Lets use Bloomingdale’s as an example. When you think of Bloomingdale’s as an overall presence, what do you see? The big thing that pops in my head are the shopping bags that say “Big brown bag”. Bloomingdale’s has a cohesive presence from store to store and store to online. This is what the consumer responds to! It can also become a safe area for the consumer and they know that this establishment is trustworthy. This leads to continued customers and clients.

One website that I encourage you to look at is Etsy. If you are not familiar with Etsy it is an online shopping platform for people who sell handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies. The one thing that they encourage every business who signs up to do, is to think on the scale of a brand. Look through some of the shops and see the layouts of those who have thousands of sales from their sight. Your websites layout needs to look almost seasoned. This means posting a page full of items to make yourself look like an established company. It sounds incredibly simple but this is how you will make money and this is how you will continue to make money for years to come.

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Remember all it takes is a small thought to make a big outcome!